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HEY GUISEEE!! We are so sorry for not updating our blog recently. It is because we were busy. I went overseas for two weeks and Rachel is currently overseas in China right now so I will be filming alone. I’m not sure if Rachel will post or film anything over there though. Anyways, we are very sorry for updating very late. I will try to update every week but it’s coming to an end of December so school will be opening soon and we will get very busy but we will try our best to update. Love you all!


Daehyun’s Imagine


OK GUISE! We have wrote out a Daehyun imagine for you! It may sound cheesy and weird but this is our first time writing this so…ENJOY READING!!!


You are a quiet and sweet girl that doesn’t have a lot of friends due to your shy personality. One day, you were silently reading a book when your teacher suddenly barges into the classroom noisily with a new student following behind him.

“Class, this is your new classmate, a transfer student from Busan. Please introduce yourself Daehyun.”

After Daehyun’s little introduction, the teacher said, “Ok, Daehyun. Please take the seat next to (your name). Please make him welcome. I’ll take my leave now.”

You were shocked to hear your name and looked up only to see a handsome and attractive man walking towards you and placing his bag on the desk next to yours. Just when he settled down, the girls of your class rushed towards him, pushing you aside and ignored you completely. Kind of expected huh? With such a good looking face, how can he not have fangirls?

You kept staring at him during his conversation with the girls. Even though the girls clinging to him is annoying, he still answers their question with a smile. You were mesmerized by his cheerful and kind personality, something that you can never have…..

During classes, you kept feeling someone’s eyes on you, making you really fidgety and unable to concentrate on the lesson. You looked at Daehyun and met his eyes. He looked really surprised and immediately turned his face and pretended to be looking at the textbook. You shrugged not understanding what just happened.

Next day morning, during PE (Physical Education), the girls were playing netball on open concrete space while the guys were playing basketball on the basketball courts next to it. All the girls were screaming Daehyun’s name. So loud, it’s deafening.

While the rest of the girls were cheering, you were diligently playing netball with a group of girls, who aren’t interested in whatever the boys are doing, continuously for 30 minutes. You went to rest and get some water on the bench next to the basketball courts. You drank with your back facing the court

“Careful! Get out of the way!” Someone shouted. You turned around only to see a basketball flying towards you.

“Wham!” It hit your head really hard and you fell onto the ground, dazed by what just happened.

Daehyun came running and said gently,”Are you alright? I’m so sorry. Didn’t mean to……Can you stand?”

You tried standing up but you felt really dizzy after getting hit by the ball and you drop to your knees.

Daehyun caught you and carried you, princess style. “I’ll take her to the infirmary,” he said. You felt your face getting red and buried your face in his shirt. While Daehyun walk through the hallways, you could hear his fans’ chatters, gossips and jealousy.

Once in the infirmary, Daehyun placed you gently on the sick bed(?) and told you to rest while he got the school doctor. When he left, you thought about what just happened and you blushed. Surprised that you were thinking about him, you shook your head and slept till school ended.

Next day, you were the first to arrive in school as usual. When you opened the shoe locker to get your indoor shoe, you were horrified to see hate mails and threats in your locker and thumbtacks in your shoes. You quickly threw the thumbtacks away, glanced around and hurried to your class.

The minute when you got to your table, you were stunned to see your table vandalized with words such as “DIE!”,  “Go Away!”, “Ugly” and some even nastier words. Tears started to form bit you held it back. Not wanting to be a bother, you rushed to clean it with your handkerchief before Daehyun comes.

When you were almost done, Daehyun suddenly came in and since he is sitting beside you, he notice the writing your your desk and the tears in your eyes so he asked you what was wrong. You immediately said that nothing was wrong and that it was none of his business. Daehyun got angry at you for not telling him your troubles and ignored you throughout lesson. No matter how much you tried to explain, he just didn’t listen.

Wanting to avoid Daehyun, you decided to go to a more deserted part of the school during recess to have your food. As you walked through the corridor, you could feel people pointing and talking bad about you. You ran and after a while it got quieter and quieter. Just when you settled down and opened your lunch box, these three girls who are fan of Daehyun came and surrounded you with an evil glint in their eye.

“Hey you BITCH! How dare you seduce OUR Daehyun, you SLUT! We are so much prettier than you, how can he choose you? Did you threaten him? You damn WHORE! Know your place! How dare you fight back!”  

After that one of the three girls slapped you hard and threw your lunch on you. You fell onto the floor and glared at her. You shouted bravely, ” Go away! What do you want from me? Leave me alone!!!”

“Shut up you BITCH!” You closed your eyes and expected another slap but just when she was about to land a slap on you, Daehyun appeared and held onto her raised hand.

“Daehyun! Uhm…… We can explain,” one of the girls stammered.

“Ow… Daehyun my wrist… It hurts” cried the girl that tried to slap you.

“Get out of my sight. You three are DISGUSTING!” Daehyun told them to scram and they ran away in tears.

You were shaking in fear in a corner and Daehyun came hugged you tightly. You pushed him away.

“Go away! I don’t want to become a burden for you. So just leave me alone and you and I can just live a comfortable and peaceful life!” You shouted and tried to ran away but Daehyun grabbed you on the wrist and stopped you from escaping.

He pulled you back into his arms and held you tightly. You tried to pull away but to no avail.

“Don’t worry about those girls and all the bullying cuz I promise I’ll protect you. So stay by my side forever…” His voice trailed away.

You were surprised and looked up only to see Daehyun’s face as red as a tomato. At that moment, you laughed, seeing how cute he was, how could you not.

Daehyun looked down and covered your eyes. “Don’t look at me… Just let me act cool okay?”

You smiled and snuggled in his arms. He pat on your head gently. After that he lifted up your chin and you had eye contact with him. He then pulled back loose strands of your hair and slowly and gently placed his soft lips on yours.

The End

So Let’s Get Started!


Okay, we should introduce ourselves first……. So

Name: Sawyu

Age: 13 this year

Country I live in: Singapore

Fav. Anime: Fairy Tail, Free!, D Gray Man

Fav. Kpop group: BAP and EXO

Ultimate Bias: JUNG DAEHYUNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brief Intro of myself: I love Kpop and Animes. Loves animals, music, movies, daydreaming, thinking about life, have a dog named Fluffy. I love going shopping, hanging out with friends yet sometimes i like being alone. I have a split personality. I can be a devil and an angel. Emo yet cheerful. I don’t really hold grudges against people and my endurance level is high so if you manage to annoy me then you must be a really annoying person. JkJk. I hate lizards, frogs, the hot sun, people trying to dig up my personal life, homework, heights, the sea, math and chinese cause i failed terribly for both of them. I have a love and hate relationship with children. Fav. subject is english. Forced to go medical school after I graduate from secondary school.

Now it’s my turn

Name: Rachel

Age: 13 as well

Country I’m living in: Singapore too

Fav. Anime(s): Shingeki no Kyoujin, Hunter X Hunter, Free!…….

Fav Kpop Group: VIXX

Ultimate Bias: Leo!!!!!!!!!!

Brief Intro: I’m an Anime and Kpop crazed person (Like Duh!). I’m in Choir and a 1st Suprano though I don’t think I can hit VERY high notes that well. Another thing, I totally can’t read notes so I have no idea how I got in. I can be really SCARY and really NICE at times and I’m kinda scheming. I’m a really out-going person and the type that hold grudges so you better make me hate you. *Evil Laughs*

Hey People! We are RnSLuvzKpop


Hey guise! We are two really crazy Kpop and Anime freaks (though not as crazy as saesang fans) who want to share our interests with the rest of the world. This is our first time blogging, never done this before like NEVER! We made this blog cuz we were inspired by Simon and Martina of Eat Your Kimchi and cuz it’s the holidays and we practically have like NOTHING to do ….. So yea. Since we are first timers, please support us and keep the criticisms to a minimum. So look forward to our posts!